Kinderhook NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

The town of Kinderhook is named after the dutch word for "Children's Corner", apparently because during Hedrick Hudson's adventures up the Hudson River he noticed the Mahican Indian children gathered on the shores here. At least that's the story according to the town's official website at You can also find more information about the town there including the court's address in case you need to personally appear to answer a speeding ticket or some other traffic matter there (personal appearances are required in many Columbia County courts). If you would like to hire an attorney to represent you, consider Randall Kehoe's extensive experience as a traffic lawyer since 1990. Mr. Kehoe is known for providing legal services at low prices and charges flat fees that are quoted up front so you know exactly how much you will be paying. We represent clients charged with: speed in zone (1180), unlicensed/aggravated unlicensed operator, cell phone violations, seat belt tickets, improper child safety restraint, driving left of center, failure to yield, leaving scene of an accident, disobey traffic control device (1110A), 1144A ("Move Over" law), unregistered, inspection, window tint, muffler, uninsured motorist, etc. If you have been suspended out of the town of Kirkwood or another traffic court in Columbia county for failure to answer a summons or pay a fine, we can help you clean your license up and restore your driving privileges. If you have plead guilty in error, we can petition the court to reconsider your case through an Error Coram Nobis petition. To discuss the details of your case with a Kirkwood traffic lawyer, please email or call us are your convenience. Consultations are free of charge. Let Mr. Kehoe help ease your concerns about heavy court fines, license points, insurance prices, and restricted driving priveleges that may come with a guilty plea. We monitor phone calls and emails daily including after-hours and weekends.


Please also feel free to contact us with your DWI charge. As DWI becomes an increasingly serious charge with more and more at stake with Leandra's laws, an accusation of DWI must be handled with great skill and expertise. Mr. Kehoe takes DWI cases in and around the 518 area and Hudson Valley and can not only save you hundreds of dollars with his affordable legal fees but help you and your family minimize the suffering and problems that are involved in theses cases. Our DWI, DWAI, Aggravated DWI fees are competitive. Please contact us for details.

If you are an attorney or law firm seeking Of Counsel for a case in the town of Kirkwood or another municipaltiy in Columbia County, NY please contact us with the details of your request.